Top Downtown Chicago Attractions for Instagrammers

June 17, 2019

Tourism in Chicago is booming thanks to its incredible architecture, exceptional cuilinary scene, rich history and authentic culture.

Take a tour of Chicago on Instagram and you’ll find diverse and dynamic neighborhoods with many incredible places that would be ideal for the perfect Insta shot.

If you’re looking for a few downtown Chicago attractions, consider the Instagram favorites below and discover some other hidden gems to fill up your social feed that you won’t find anywhere else.

Top Downtown Chicago Attractions

Downtown Chicago Attractions for Instagram

Anywhere on the River Walk: By far the most popular Instagram phot spot among all downtown Chicago attractions is that of the newly refurbished Chicago River Walk. Whether you’re on one of the many bridges or right along the waterfront, there are perfect views from every angle. 

The Lions at the Art Institute of Chicago: Located at 111 S. Michigan, the Art Institute is the epicenter of culture in Chicago. It’s also home to two famous Chicagoans: the lions which front the museum. They are well known the world over, and instantly recognizable to your Instagram followers.

The Flamingo Rum Club: After powering through a Mojito or a few Mai Tai’s, step outside this popular Wells St. establishment to pose for a few Insta shots in front of the famous flamingo mural. You may have to wait in line (for the mural) but it’s worth it.

Calder’s Flamingo: What is it with this city and flamingo’s? One of the most iconic sculptures in Chicago, the twisted, 53-foot tall, rust-colored flamingo is definitely one of the most impressive sites in the city. And it’s conveniently located off the brown line at State and Van Buren at the Harold Washington Library (not a bad place for a few photos either). It could be argued that Calders Flamingo is one of the best downtown Chicago attractions and an Instagram spot not to miss. 

Calders Flamingo - Chicago

Cloudgate (The Bean) at Millenium Park: No Instagram trip to Chicago would be complete without spending some time in Millenium Park at the Bean (also known as CloudGate). Perfect from every angle, and super fun underneath, go early and stay late and then jump on the red or brown line in moments to tour Chicago like the locals!

Cindy’s Rooftop: One of the most stunning vistas in all of Chicago, Cindy’s Rooftop in the Chicago Athletic Club provides a perfect view of downtown, Millenium Park and the lakeshore that will fit perfectly in your Instagram feed.

Skyline from North Ave. Beach: Venturing just a few train stops away from downtown on the brown line or red line (at the Eastern end of North Avenue, is one of the most impressive gateways to the lakefront. Just look south at any time of day (preferably at night) and you’ll be greeted by one of the most stunning views of all Chicago.

3 Arts Cafe at Restoration Hardware: You can only really be outside for three or four months of the year. So where do the hippest and most influential Instagrammers of Chicago go when they need the perfect shot? That’s right – 3 Arts Cafe. A glorious patio outside and high ceilings on the interior with lots of natural light, it’s the perfect location for a memorable Instagram shot.

The Stairs in the Rookery Building: Chicago is known for its skyscrapers but there’s a lot more to architecture than just the outside of a building. The landmark Rookery Building on LaSalle Street features a mesmerizing oriel staircase and an amazing light court which are sure to make your Instagram followers applaud your trip to Chicago..

Garfield Park Conservatory: A long winter in Chicago doesn’t mean that nature isn’t around – this is the “City in A Garden” after all, but sometimes that garden is indoors! Just a short ride from downtown (this destination is also part of L Stop Tours Green Line West Tour), the warm and semi-exotic air of one of the nation’s top indoor gardens presents two whole acres of photo-worthy nature moments in some much needed warm air.

There are, of course, far more Instagram worthy locations and downtown Chicago attractions we didn’t mention! If you’re looking for a tour guide in Chicago that knows all the right Instagram spots, check the schedule for upcoming tours of Chicago and find some real hidden gems.

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