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Explore Chicago's Neighborhoods, Food, Culture and History via the L System

We Explore Chicago's Neighborhoods

At L Stop Tours, we believe you haven't seen Chicago until you've been to the neighborhoods — and what better way to get there than by elevated train! It’s fun, efficient and provides a perspective of the city that you won’t get from other tours. We ride the train to diverse neighborhoods and explore interesting sites in the vicinity of L stops.

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What Makes Us Different

  • We keep our group size small (2-10 people) for regular tours

  • Prairie District, Pilsen and Chinatown tours can accommodate larger groups (11-20 people)

  • We visit more neighborhoods than other companies because we use the L as our primary mode of transportation

  • We walk to historic sites and local establishments that are located close to L stations

  • We keep it interesting and fun! We'll tell you good stories but we won't overload you with long lectures and memorized facts

  • We include everything in the cost of your ticket (food, beverage, transportation)

Tour Experiences

Learn what people from around the country — and even our city of Chicago — have to say. Visitors and Chicago natives alike enjoy the integration of culture, cuisine and camaraderie of L Stop Tours. No matter which tour you choose, you'll experience what we discovered many years ago — that Chicago is filled with diverse, unique and vibrant neighborhoods. And each one is worth a visit!

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