More Chicago, More Neighborhoods, More Fun!

Our Story

Tom was always a tour guide. Whenever his friends or extended family members would visit from out of town, he would drive them all over the city to his favorite must-see Chicago hot spots. Most of his tours were designed for that particular group of visitors, and most tours ended underneath Michigan Avenue at Billy Goat Tavern. Needless to say, Billy Goat was (and continues to be) one of Tom’s all-time favorites.

As the idea to launch a different kind of tour company developed, we thought: What’s more Chicago than the L? Ultimately it’s our kind of transportation system — it’s convenient, affordable, punctual (usually), offers unique and scenic views, takes you to interesting neighborhoods and, frankly, is just plain fun. You can have an ‘L’ of a time on Chicago’s elevated transit system!

Who We Are 

L Stop Tours is a family-run company that offers tours throughout Chicago using the elevated transit system (the L). Furthermore, we’re the only tour company in the metropolitan area to use this unique and historic mode of transportation as a link between the city’s neighborhoods.

Manager/Director: Tom Schaffner

L Stop Tours is managed and directed by Tom Schaffner, a lifelong resident of the Chicago area who is knowledgeable and familiar with all aspects of the city. A journalist and entrepreneur, Tom has written about the city in a number of periodicals and publications. He was the founder, editor and publisher of the Chicago File, a monthly newsletter for former Chicagoans all over the world. Tom also served as a consultant for Chicago Cultural Mile Association and is the founder of Schaffner Communications, a Chicago-based consulting firm that he launched in 1985.

Leadership Team

Combined, our team of native Chicagoans has extensive experience and training in many industries. To name a few: Journalism, Education, Film/Media, Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality, Public Relations, Corporate Communications, and Event-planning. As a result, our leadership team understands what it takes to pull off a great tour that feels both entertaining and educational. 

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